Things to consider… Moving To Uni

Moving To Uni

Moving to Uni and into a student house for the first time can be a little daunting. Especially when there’s a lot more to think about to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips to ensure you make the transition as smoothly as possible…

1. Get your bills sorted!

When you move into a student house it’s likely that you have to sort your own bills out.  Research different suppliers to ensure you get the best deals (uswitch & moneysupermarket are two great sites for this.) Sort this out as early as possible you’ll avoid lengthy waiting times for things to be installed (we had to wait three weeks for broadband after we moved it, it was painful!) You’ll also need to decide whose name each bill is in/how you are going to pay.

2. Get a clothes dryer/rack

Depending on how many of you are living in the house you may find you struggle to fit all your clothes on the provided drying racks (if they provided any.) We recommend you invest in your own clothes airer to avoid damp smelly clothes.  This will save you money on not using the tumble dryer as well…

3. Chores

If you were lucky enough to have a cleaner whilst staying in halls we envy you! It’s more than likely that in your student house you’ll have to do all your cleaning yourself (or as a house.) Cleaning as you go or creating a cleaning rota is a good way to ensure that all the boring household chores such as emptying the bins etc. are completed.

4. Decorate!

Well as much as your landlord allows (be sure to check first!) Living in a student house normally gives you a lot more room to put your personal touches in. Invest in new bedding (double bed oh yeah!), cushions and throws to completely revamp your room.

5. Cook yourself/as a house

Make your food at home.  This is a great way of saving money as opposed to purchasing expensive food from the canteen. Your time at university is a great time to start learning to cook (if you can’t already.) Cook as a house when you can.   It saves money and it’s more fun! (We have some great recipes if you wanted to give it a go ;) )

Moving into a student house is great fun but make sure you get everything in order as early as possible to avoid any last minute stress! Just make sure that If you don’t have student neighbours be cautious about throwing loud parties!